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PostSubject: WAZZZZ UP!   Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:55 am

hey im NINJA!!! I mainly signed up to see if you were intrstead in affilitating with me... Heres my site link CLICK HERE and your site button and description would be HERE and also another lik to your site would be HERE in the "Our Parnters" thats about all PM my or your site please...THANKS


P.S- My poke knowlagde is VERY good.

beedrill This guys name is beedrill...He evoles 3 times. first wedell(ev about lvl Cool then cacoona(ev about lvl 13 or 14) then beedrill. BUG type pokemon

raichu this is rachiu...He also evoles 3 times. first Pika(very rare ev about lvl 12) then pikachiu(he only evoles into rachiu using a thunderstone) Electric type pokemon

I can go on and I have about 25 dif. pokemon games...origanal and only missing like 7 and i would have all of them.

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