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 Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 3   Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:20 pm

Johnnys Pokemon Adventures
Chapter 3 - Best friend`s first battle!

The last chapters main Pokemon is Squirtle

Music Box: (Platinum Music).............................

Johnny: Im on the road to Viridian City! Im gonna register for the Kanto Leauge! Im gonna get all 8 Gym Badges. Ill be the very best.

A wild Rattata apeared.

Johnny: Go Squirtle! Use Water Gun!

Rattata used Thunder Fang.

Johnny: Now use Skull Bash!

Rattata fainted....

Johnny: Go Pokeball!

Johnny caught a Rattata!

Soon he arrived in Viridian City

Tyrice: Hi Johnny we should battle.

Johnny: Ok sure! Go Pidgey!

Tyrice: Spearow I choose you! Use Quick Attack!

Johnny: Dodge and use Wing Attack!

Tyrice: Try Quick Attack again!

Spearow crashed into a tree and fainted....

Tyrice: Go Pikachu! Use Thundershock!

Pidgey fainted...

Johnny: Rattata I choose you! Use Super Fang!

Tyrice: Iron Tail!

Johnny: Dodge and use Hyper Fang!

Tyrice: Try Iron Tail again!

Rattata fainted......

Johnny: Go Squirtle use Skull Bash!

Pikachu fainted....

Tyrice: Charmander go! Use Ember!

Johnny: Water Gun!

Charmander fainted.....

Johnny: Yay I win.

Tyrice: Aw no fair.

Johnny: Hey I have a question.

Tyrice: What?

Johnny: I thought your starter was Bulbsaur?

Tyrice: It is.

Johnny: Then why do you have Charmander?

Tyrice: I caught Charmander.

Johnny: Then where is Bulbasaur?

Tyrice: I left it at the Pokemon Center to heal because it battled a tough Leechasurf.

Johnny: Well lets go heal the rest of our Pokemon at the Pokemon Center since they all got hurt from our battle.

Tyrice: Sure.

Johnny: Wait a minute. Why is there 2 Pokemon Centers?

Chapter End....

What is the main Pokemon of this chapter?.
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Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 3
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