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 Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 4

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PostSubject: Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 4   Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:20 pm

Johnnys Pokemon Adventures
Chapter 4 - The Fake Pokecenter!

The last chapters main Pokemon was Charmander

Music Box: (Fire Red music).............................

Johnny: 1 is big and the other is small. The big one looks newer.

Tyrice: Yeah the big one is cool. Lets go heal our Pokemon there.

Johnny: Ok (I don`t trust the larger one)

They went into the large Pokemon Center.

Nurse: Hi leave your Pokemon here so we can steal... oops i mean heal your Pokemon!

Johnny: Nah

Johnny left

Tyrice: Weird. Ok here you go. So hows my Bulbasaur doing is it better?

Nurse: Not yet. Come back tommorow.

Tyrice: Actually i`ll stay here for the night.

Nurse: Ok (dammit!)

Johnny went to the other Pokemon Center and registered for Kanto. Then he healed his Pokemon.

Johnny: I`ll go to sleep. I`ll check that fake Pokemon Center in a few hors.

Author: WTH Johnny stop pronouncing things wrong!


Johnny went to sleep. 7 hours later.....

Johnny: Oh crap its 2 in the morning. I need to go check on the fake Pokemon Center!

Johnny rushed to the big Pokemon Center.

Johnny: Oh no why is the door locked? Squirtle I choose you!

Squirtle: Squirtle! (cmon im so tired bish)

Johnny: Squirtle used Skull Bash to breakdown the door!

The door broke open.

Johnny: Great job Squirtle!

Johnny entered the building.

Jonny: Hey the nurse is gone. Tyrice WAKE UP!

Tyrice: Meh what is it im trying to sleep bish.

Johnny: Everyones Pokemon has been robbed.

Tyrice: That jack@$$ Nurse!

Author: Stop cursing.

Johnny and Tyrice: SHUT THE (censored) up.

The Author left...

Johnny: I see a door in the back of the Center.

Tyrice: Well lets check it out.

They entered and saw tons of lockers with names of Pokemon but they were all empty.

Johnny: Another door.

Tyrice: Well lets check it out.

Tyrice passed out.

Johnny: Tyrice?

Tyrice talked in his sleep....

Tyrice: Judy I love you. I love you even more than Fred and Kevin.

Johnny: WTH...

Johnny took the door. It let outside.

Johnny: Hey look at those 2 strange people and the Meowth.

Lady: Prepare for trouble

Guy: Make it double

Lady: To protect the world from devastation

Guy: To unite all peoples within our nation.

Lady: To denounce the evils of truth and love

Guy: To extend our reach from the stars above

Lady: Jessie

Guy: James

Meowth: Meowth thats right.

Johnny: WTH a talking Meowth.

Meowth: Thats right

Jessie: I was the Nurse. We are Team Rocket and we stole all these Pokemon.

Johnny: Well prepare to lose! Squirtle go!

Jessie: Ekans I choose you! Use Tackle!

Johnny: Squirtle use Skull Bash!

Jessie: Ekans use Poison Sting!

Squirtle fainted....

Johnny: Go Pidgey! Use Wing Attack!

Ekans fainted...

Jessie: Dammit I lost.

James: Koffing go! Use Poison Gas.

Pidgey was poisoned.

Johnny: Pidgey use Wing Attack!

James: Koffing use Explosion!

both Pidgey and Koffing fainted...

Meowth: I am a very storng Pokemon prepare to be defeated!

Johnny: No way. Rattata go! Use Thunder Fang!

Meowth fainted....

Meowth: Ow

Rattata: Rat! (phail)

???: Charizard go! Use Fire Blast!



Johnny: Hey thanks

???: Your welcome. My name is Nick. I got to go bye.

Johnny: Bye.

Johnny healed his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and slept there overnight.

Chapter end...

Whats this chapters main Pokemon?
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Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 4
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