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 Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 7

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PostSubject: Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 7   Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:22 pm

Johnnys Pokemon Adventures
Chapter 7 - The Electabuzz Tribe

The last chapters main Pokemon is Butterfree.

Music Box: (Pokemon Main Theme)..........................

Johnny: Hey whats going on?

TR: Hahahahahahahahaha

Johnny: Not you again!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble

James: Make it double

Johnny: SHUTUP!

Meowth: Would you stop interupting our moddo?!

Johnny: Never.

Meowth: Well think fast!

Johnny: Huh?

Meowth grabbed Johnny`s Squirtle, Butterfree, and Bulbasaur and took off in there balloon.

Johnny: Pidgeotto I choose you! Pop that balloon!


Team Rocket blasted off but held on tight to the Pokeballs.

Johnny: No they got away!

Johnny climbed out of the hole but it took him 3 hours to do it.

Johnny: I got to find them!

Johnny exited the Virdian Forest and searched around Route 2.


Jessie: Meowth hurry up and fix the balloon before the kid finds us.

Meowth: Im trying!

James: Omg why are we surrounded by 30 Electabuzz and an Electrivire?

Jessie: I have heard of these Pokemon before. They roam Route 2 and attack trainers.

The Electabuzz tribe used Thunderbolt on Team Rocket.


Team Rocket drobbed Johnny`s Pokeballs and the Electabuzz Tribe trapped them in cages.

Johnny: Where is Team Rocket?

Then Johnny spotted the Electabuzz Tribe and saw his Pokeballs.

Johnny: Hey gimme back my Pokeballs! Go Pidgeotto! Use Gust to blow them away!

The Elecabuzz Tribe managed to hold their ground. Then they used Thunder.

Pidgeotto fainted.....

Johnny: Your my last hope.... Go Rattata! Use Tackle on 1 of the Electabuzz!

The Electabuzz tribe used Thunder again.

Johnny: No Rattata!

Rattata did not want to lose. It was in major pain though.

Johnny: Rattata please tell me your ok!

Then Rattata started glowing....

Johnny: What?! Rattata is evolving!

Rattata evolved into Raticate.

Raticate learned Hyper Beam.

Johnny: Awesome! Raticate use Hyper Beam to blast down the entire Electabuzz Tribe!

The 30 Electabuzz fainted...

Electrivire still stood. It used Thunderbolt.

Johnny: I know you can do this Raticate! Use Hyper Beam.

Electrivire used Thunderpunch

Johnny: Use Hyper Fang!

Electrivire used Volt Tackle.

Johnny: Hyper Beam again!

Electrivire used Tackle.

Raticcate had used up so much energy from using Hyper Beam so much and had to recharge.

Electrivire used Volt Tackle, Thunderpunch, and Thundershock.

Raticate down to 1hp got up and was ready to attack again.

Johnny: Finish it off with 1 last Hyper Beam!

Electrivire fainted.......

Johnny: Yay awesome job Raticate!

Raticate: Raticaaate! (Thanks)

Johnny got his Pokeballs back. Then suddenley a net grabbed the Electabuzz Tribe.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble

James: Make it double

Johnny: SHUTUP!

Meowth: Thats it! Face my Fury Swipes!

Johnny: Squirtle go! Use Water Gun!

The Water Gun blasted Meowth into the net while he was using Fury Swipes wich cut the net open and set the Electabuzz Tribe free.

Johnny: Squirtle blast that balloon away with another Water Gun!

TR: Team Rockets blasting off again!!!!!!!!!!!


Johnny: Lol.

The Electabuzz Tribe was very grateful of Johnny saving them and Electrivire gave Johnny a Pokemon Egg.

Johnny: Oh cool!

Johnny reached Pewter City.

Johnny: Well finally.

He healed his Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and came out to challenge the Gym Leader. He walked up to the Gym.

Johnny: I`m finally gonna get my first Gym Badge.


Johnny: Oh no I should go help out.

Chapter end....

Whats this chapters main Pokemon?
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Johnnys Pokemon Adventures Chapter 7
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